Getting Started with JRUI


Welcome to JRUI – your all-in-one solution for fast project setup and a powerful component library.

JRUI streamlines the process of getting your projects up and running with seamless integration of templates, sections, features, and reusable components.

Core Concepts


JRUI provides a variety of templates designed to kickstart your projects efficiently. Each template is crafted with best practices and easy integration of JRUI features, sections, and components in mind.

Component Library

Explore our comprehensive component library, offering a collection of easily integratable components that seamlessly work with the provided templates.

Easy Integration

Getting started with JRUI is simple. Choose a template, pick the components you need, use the CLI or copy and paste the code into your project – it's that easy!

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Use the CLI to quickly and easily install JRUI features, sections, and components into your project.

Quick Start Guide

Follow these steps to kickstart your project with JRUI:

  1. Choose a template that suits your project requirements.
  2. Explore the component library and pick the components you need.
  3. Install the CLI into your project.
    npm i jrui-cli

    After installation, you can run

    jrui help
    for an overview of the CLI.

  4. Then run the setup command to set up your globals.css file with predefined custom styles.
    jrui setup
  5. Then install the components you would like to use with the add command.
    jrui add [components]

    Each component doc page will have an "Easy CLI Installation" command with helpful notes when applicable.

  6. Customize the code according to your project specifications.
  7. Voilà! Your project is ready to go.