Understanding Project Structure


In JRui, project structure is organized to align with the principles of Next.js, making it easy to manage and expand your application.

The key concept is to create routes by adding folders in the `app` directory, each containing a `page.tsx` file to serve as the page for that route.

Creating Routes

To create a new route in your JRui project, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the `app` directory in your project structure.
  2. Create a new folder for the desired route.
  3. Inside the created folder, add a `page.tsx` file to serve as the page for that route.

JRui leverages Next.js's file-based routing system, making it intuitive and straightforward to structure your application.

Next.js Documentation

For more in-depth information on Next.js project structure and routing, refer to the official Next.js documentation:

Next.js Documentation

Familiarizing yourself with Next.js conventions will empower you to efficiently organize and expand your JRui application.